Sunday, January 19, 2014

January Catch Up

Good morning!  I hope this new year has brought many blessings to everyone!  I know it has for me.  Although I haven't posted many new items, I have been a busy busy bee.  There are several works in progress for different clients.  Most of them are VERY time consuming (hence the reason not many new items posted here as of yet)  I can't wait to share them with you! (2 afghans, 2 more in line and a custom rug)

I have many ideas swarming around.  For example:  crochet drawstring gift bags for Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day.  Crochet Items for keychains and car mirrors, tote bags.  Those who know me personally...  I always have something in the works!  lol

Well, it is 6:30 am on a Sunday and my Troubles has finally decided to stop galavanting outside.  May you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!  I look forward to hearing from all!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Greetings


Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season as you spend time with your loved ones.  Remember the reason for the season.  May the next year bring peace and good health to all.  

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Crazy Daisy's Debut

"Here she is! I smile every time I see her :)"
Via:  Michelle Loyola
        Austin, TX

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Custom Rugs

              NEW LOWER PRICE! 

These rugs were created using Left Source"s Free Service  I uploaded the photo and added the specs I needed.  The outcome is a color coded graph.  I use quality supplies to provide a wonderful finished product.  This can be used for anything you need a graph for.  They have featured two of my finished pieces as EXAMPLES

If you are looking for a finished custom rug to be made, feel free to contact me:   I will look at what you are wanting accomplished and we can work out the details.  I look forward to working with you.  I encourage you to look at Craft Critter to see how I work up most of the details.  They are wonderful people to work with!

My prices start at 35 CENTS PER SQUARE INCH, 1/2 upfront as a non refundable deposit and balance upon completion before I ship.  Quoted prices will be based on size, complexity and textiles requested.  All items personalized with names, dates, etc must be paid in full upfront and is also nonrefundable.  My apologies if any of this is an inconvenience.  I cannot resell personalized items if a client changes their mind.  This price includes quality supplies, labor, and shipping.  This type of project is very labor intensive and time consuming.  Each string is manually attached to the canvas; nothing is done by machine.  The item will be finished off with a backing to lock in the yarn and a binding to prevent raveling.  I use quality textiles to ensure the final outcome is a success.  A keepsake to remember a vacation, special moment, special person... a true treasure!

The following is a timeline of how long it takes to complete one (depending on size requested) 
1 week:  waiting on supplies
4 weeks:  to work it
2 weeks: for backing to cure properly before shipment. 
1 week:  shipping time to client

I was also graciously referred by to help 20th Century Fox with an extremely large piece for one of their sets.  It was for the film "The Fault In Our Stars"  I was honored with their request but I was unable to accept. Their extremely short turnaround need of 3 weeks for them to receive was physically impossible.  The size needed was 10 foot by 10 foot.  I look forward to creating for you to keep your memories close.


Thursday, November 14, 2013



I have learned the art of making graphgans which makes the possibilities endless! Anything from sports and school logos to show your support for your favorite team, brands such as John Deere® and Harley Davidson®, birth announcements.... just about anything you can imagine! Give it some thought and get with me to create a lasting memory and keepsake!

Buccaneers Progress

Finished size will be 60" wide by 72" long.  I have finished the graph part and am now working the Corner to Corner stitch to reach the length and width requested.  

Super Hero Play Date

Two best friends on an awesome play date.  Spiderman Afghan made the perfect throw for this Super Hero Themed day!